Friday, March 6, 2009

Optimizing Webpage with Meta Tags

In this section you will learn about optimize using two invisible text elements: the meta description tag, and the meta keyword tag.Optimizing Webpage with Title Tags. Meta tags are lines of HTML code added into web pages that describe your web site to the search engine spiders. These tags previously factored into the ranking aspect of search engines, but this is no longer the case. META tags now are responsible for telling the spiders what your site is about.

The standard Meta Tags are the descriptioo Meta Tag, the keyword Meta Tag, which exist in approximately every web page. These Meta Tags, which stores meta data including keywords, keyphrases, descriptions, site author information, copyright information, site titles and other details. There are other important Meta Tags as well, which is why Meta tag optimization must be part of any web site optimization service. Meta Tags are among the several factors that the search engines look for, that any search engine optimization strategy needs to keep on top of.

Meta tags are incorporated in the 'HEAD' Tag of an HTML document. If you are using meta tags to Boost your Rankings in search engines, then you should concentrate on your description and keywords.

Meta Description tag:

It basically describes summary of site. Usually appears in search engine. If no summary exists, the search engine usually grabs the first several lines of the page. Another important factor is the title. This may be the most important. Titles should be descriptive and explain what your site offers in a short sentence or phrase. Search engines make extensive use of titles, so always review each pages title to make sure it describes the content found on that page.

Meta Keyword tag

Keywords help search engines to categorize your site, and allow people to find speedily your page. However, most search engines have limits as to how many Meta Keywords are viewed. It is suggested to review your keywords and ensure that they are concise and specific.

Implementing these tags aptly is crucial to generate high rankings. The most significant aspect of meta-tags is that search engines pay a lot of importance to them and hence they have come to be widely accepted in the SEO process.

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